“Rizzoli A Line In The Sand”


The Save Rizzoli Committee would like to thank everyone who showed up to today’s rally outside of Rizzoli Bookstore that helped make it a success. We would especially like to thank Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Simeon Bankoff, Peg Breen, and Layla Law-Gisiko for taking the time to voice their support for Rizzoli Bookstore and the serious need for greater transparency in the landmarks designation process.

Here are just a few of their remarks:

“The landmarks process requires reform; we must avoid more Rizzoli-like ambushes on our history. We are here today to ask that the LPC immediately study those remaining buildings on West 57th Street to identify and landmark those that represent the best of their eras, and I will introduce legislation which will require the LPC to follow transparent and consistent time frames in responding to future designation requests.

I ask that building owners and managers consider the special needs of bookstores and other small cultural businesses when they are designing and leasing space. Without a lively streescape and diversity within our commercial districts, we will lose what makes Manhattan Manhattan–that which draws people to livehere, work here, shop here, and the millions who come to visit here. With greater transparency and consistent time frames, both preservation and building ownership can benefit,”Borough President Brewer said.

“New York City’s history belongs to everyone and we are in the process of losing it. The Rizzoli Building is not a hidden gem–it was a known quantity which the City never acted on to protect, despite community requests. The Landmarks Preservation Commission and the de Blasio administration must take a strong stand to protect New York City’s existing history as we move forward in building a New York City open to all,” Simeon Bankoff, Executive Director, Historic Districts Council



  1. I am heartsick over this. My library on 53rd St. was destroyed, a monument to the working person and scholar alike, child and elderly, the disenfranchised, stolen, like this is. I have a physical reaction to this, it is revulsion. Please, President Brewer, save this building and its twins on either side. Do not let this happen.

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